To optimize the Internet connection

-Efficient use of limited bandwidth => The Advanced Networking module includes an advanced traffic configuration function, which allows important traffic to be prioritized over unproductive traffic.

-Reduce downtime => Increase the effectiveness of your communications with multiple connections and using the load balancing and switching functions of the Comms Mundi Advanced Networking module.

To save costs on telephone communications

-Choose from thousands of providers of high quality and low cost of national or international VoIP calls to send or receive. The Comms Mundi Softswitch IP telephony module allows access to VoIP with the SIP standard.

-Adds business-grade features to my phone system =>The Comms Mundi Softswitch IP Telephony module brings advanced voice features and functions, high-quality conferencing, and configurable voice menus available for SMEs.

to protect my business

-Restrict user and client access => Comms Mundi Security Module

-Detects and prevents intrusions and theft of corporate material

-Fight Against Virus / Spam => By combining the Comms Mundi Security module, with the IT Services module or the Productivity module, viruses and spam can be easily detected by all web accesses and managed emails by Comms Mundi.

To increase the productivity of my employees

-Monitor and record the chat conversation

-Monitor and record email messages

-Monitor and record web accesses


CommsMundi brings the features and stability of large companies to SMEs at an affordable price. Just by choosing the modules that are interested, you will get the necessary technical functionality for its implementation.

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